Hi I'm Samantha, proud to be to be an independent New York designer. Everything I put out into the world went through my hands.  I design each piece and print here at my studio in Chatham NY alongside my partner Patrick.  
My inspiration comes from films like Daisies and Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, stories of magical women who do not want to grow up in the traditional world.  I love to produce my own films and photoshoots in collaboration with inspiring artists, activists, and creative people.
My clothes are produced in small batches at a tiny fair trade factory in India. I go to work with them about once a year and discover new traditional techniques like embroideries and printing that I experiment with in new modern ways to mimic things like a night sky or a magical landscape.  I use natural, organic, and available stock fabrics to print on and I also love going to the market in India and finding limited run fabrics made with love.  
My story starts outside Philadelphia where I grew up surrounded by a forrest where I would put on plays with kids in my neighborhood and dress everyone up into costumes.  I went on to study painting at Pratt Institute, then into fashion design my second year.  I graduated and had internships such at Three as Four, Harpers Bazaar, and worked at TG170 (rip), a historic independant boutique in the Lower East Side of NYC that was the first of its kind.  I started my line in 2007 making clothes for friends and musicians to preform in.  I was based in Williamsburg Brooklyn then and it was filled with creative people and It was amazing to be part of the scene there.  I moved upstate in 2018 to re-explore my relationship with the first idea I had when I started my line. To wear clothes that are both one with nature and magic, and can also take you back into the city. 
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